April, a month to celebrate

Importance of celebrating your traditions/heritage and culture

April is a month filled with many culturally significant days, from Easter to Passover, Vaisakhi, and more. It’s a month of celebrating and recognising various cultural days that are important to our heritage or religious beliefs. Australia and the Senior Helpers community are extremely diverse and it’s important to uphold the traditions and celebrations of our clients!

Tradition holds a lot of importance for many of our elderly friends and family, but sometimes with age and inability, it can become difficult to arrange and celebrate the way it may have been in the past or the way they wish to. This should not mean that elderly Australians forgo the traditions that are a crucial part of their culture, but how do you ensure that the traditions continue in their life? See below for some ideas:

Take over duties for this celebration

As their family or loved one, create or hold an event to celebrate that your elderly loved one can attend to celebrate the significant day or period. This a great way to show that you too care for the tradition and acknowledge the culture and heritage of your loved one. This also takes any hassle or stress away from them in regard to organising or setting up the celebration.

Bring the celebration to your loved one

If your family member can’t physically leave to acknowledge or celebrate a significant event, then why not bring the celebration to them? Rather than taking your loved one out of their environment, create a celebration in their space where they feel most comfortable.

Educate yourself on what the tradition means to them and relive it with them

If you’re not already privy to what the tradition or celebration means to your loved one then find out why it’s so special and determine how you can help them celebrate it. Engage with your loved one, ask them to tell you all about the tradition or celebration, help them remember their past celebrations, and detail their heritage in the culture.

Do you have a loved one who needs assistance attending events or celebrations that are important to them? Contact Senior Helpers to help ensure your loved one can keep their traditions and celebrations alive.

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