Building a Healthy Plate  – Reducing Food Waste

A huge focus for health and wellness is to look after our nutrition by following a healthy diet along with regular exercise, but what if we’re not getting the most of our veggies?

Unlock your nutrition

We all aim to maintain a healthy diet but sometimes need to knuckle down on getting enough of those veggies in our daily meals. Knowing how to use all of the vegetable can save you money but also unlocks valuable nutritional benefits.

Waste not, want not

Try using parts of vegetables that you would usually throw out, like skins, stalks and leaves. This means you’re eating more nutritious veggies, and at the same time are reducing waste in landfill.

When you get down to the core of food prep, you can easily increase your fibre, vitamins and minerals to build a healthy plate.

Our fast 5 tips:

  1. Try using the skins and peels of veggies by rinsing carrots, potatoes rather than peeling them. If you do peel them, don’t throw them out! You can use the peels to add into a soup stock.
  2. Did you know you can use the stems of broccoli and cauliflower? You can slice them to make a great addition soups, stews and stir fry.
  3. You can cook beets, radish and carrot tops or blitz them into a pesto and maximise your leafy green intake, top to bottom.
  4. Soft veggies that might not be as fresh as when you bought them go well cooked, baked or roasted. Think soups, frittatas or mixed into savoury muffins rather than the bin.
  5. Think outside of the box and juice veggies for a tasty and refreshing drink.

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