Caring for an ageing member of your family at home

There can be no doubt that most of us would prefer to care for our aging family members. But, there are a several things that need to be considered. Here are 5 major aspects of caring:

  1. Understand how much care is needed: Creating a list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks is a great start. But remember, there are 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and 30 days in a month. That list is getting longer every minute.
  2. Be realistic about the time you have, and the care needed as this loved person is relying on you. You must also consider your own health and abilities. Review that list and look for tasks where you may need help.
  3. Accept help. You may want to be that single person dedicating your time and compassion to your loved one, but accepting assistance from others will be a godsend. You should never feel guilty accepting help. It will ensure that you are able to be there for the long term.
  4. Share the love. If you manage well and look like you have everything in order, others in your family may assume that you don’t need help. If family are willing to help, be flexible. No solution is perfect, but give them an opportunity to spend time with this loved family member too.
  5. Be sure to apply for a Carer’s pension and register as a Carer. This will give you access to funding for respite – time off to have some you-time. We all need this to re-energise and recover. This is the great thing about living in Australia – there is funding to support carers. But sometimes we are not aware that it is available to us.

Call Senior Helpers and we can put you in touch with the right people so that you can provide care – over the long term. We can also provide respite care at short notice!