There are a number of services available for clients aged over 65 years* that are subsidised by the federal government. Each person wanting to access these subsidies must apply for approval and organisations delivering these services must also be approved as providers by the federal government. While not all Senior Helpers’ offices are approved for to provide these services directly, they are able to offer these services to approved persons by client request.

The subsidised services are outlined below.

Home Care Packages

The federal government has a scheme of subsidy for approved persons aged over 65 years* of age who need support to remain healthy at home. Access to this program is obtained through the MyAgedCare website ( or by calling MyAgedCare at 1800 200 422. While the services are subsidised heavily by the federal government, there is also a required client contribution towards care and services. This is assessed by Centrelink. If you have questions about this process, please contact us on the link below.

A number of our offices are approved providers, able to offer services direct to persons with allocated Home Care Packages. However, if another company manages a person’s Home Care Package, that person or their family can request that services be provided by Senior Helpers under the policy of Consumer Directed Care. If you have questions about Consumer Directed Care, please contact us on the link below.

Commonwealth Home Support Program

This federally subsidised program is available to persons aged 65 years* and over following approval. The services are for those who do not need complex support, only simple supports such as assistance with shopping and domestic assistance or transport. To access this support, people need to contact My Aged Care ( or 1800 200 422. There is a client contribution required towards the services.

While Senior Helpers offices are not approved providers of these services, approved persons can request that their services be provided under the policy of Consumer Directed Care. For further information, please contact us on the link below.

Respite Services

If you are a registered carer for your partner, family member or friend, you can be eligible for Respite funding. This funding can provide short term relief for you to be able to take a break, if you need surgery or become ill and unable to fulfil your role as a carer for a short time. This funding is provided through the Commonwealth Care and Respite Centre in your state. Contact the Carer Gateway through the website ( or by calling the Carer Gateway on 1800 602 098.

Respite does not require admission to residential care, it can be offered in the home and can be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or just for periodic hours while you are absent or unwell.

Most Senior Helpers offices are approved to provide respite services through the Commonwealth Care and Respite Services. For more information, contact us today on the link below.

*Indigenous or approved persons with disabilities can be approved for services before the age of 65 years.