There is a lot of information circulating about home care packages and a lot of confusion. Senior Helpers can take the mystery out of the journey by providing straightforward, easy to understand information so that you or your family member can take control of the process and organise the support you need to meet your goals.

If you have already been assessed and have had a home care package approved, we would be very happy to provide an obligation-free consultation with our representative who can listen to your requests for support and provide clear information about our services and costs.

Full Program Support

Senior Helpers can take the hassle out of managing the Home Care Package by following your direction in relation to services, equipment, budgets and make it happen.

Partnered Program Support

You may want to manage aspects of your Package. Using a Partnership model, Senior Helpers will manage all of the assessments, reporting and payments from your budget. You may hire or engage services and supports within your agreed budget and you will schedule these services.


Senior Helpers’ role is limited to meeting the government requirements in relation to assessments, reporting and providing the funding. Clients or their family member will organise and pay for their services that will be reimbursed from their agreed budget.

I’m thinking of Changing Providers

If you are unhappy with your current provider, we will be happy to discuss your situation, listen to your preferences and guide you through the process of changing.

To get more information about Home Care Packages, contact us today.