Supporting You and Your Family With Tailored Age Care Assessments and Plans

Our exclusive LIFE Profile (Life, Independence, Function and Evaluation) is a research-driven assessment tool that provides a holistic view of the risks and factors that influence an individual’s ability to age safely in their own home and reduce the risk of hospitalisation.

About Our Senior Helpers LIFE Profile

Senior Helpers SmartCare Plan

We use the data and information gathered through the LIFE Profile to create a customised Senior Helpers SmartCare Plan. This is an action-oriented and measurable plan of support specifically tailored to the individual and their needs. It will help you schedule, manage and direct care activities as a carer, and to measure progress so that care can be adjusted as necessary.

Senior Helpers is the only home care company that works together with you and your family, using this powerful combination of tools, to precisely identify the care needed and how it should be provided. The goal of the SmartCare Plan is to improve quality of life and to support safe and independent living at home.