Senior Helpers and COVID-19 Preparedness

Senior Helpers Australia | COVID 19 Safety

It is such good news to see that the number of new infections is slowing and that recoveries are increasing across Australia. Senior Helpers celebrates this achievement through vigilance, social distancing and most importantly, being vigilant with hand washing and cleansing.

For Senior Helpers, there have been further steps and strategies that are largely invisible to the general population. Staff have been learning more about COVID-19 to supplement their knowledge of infection control that continues as daily routine.  They are now monitoring their own health on a daily basis before attending client services because they do not want to inadvertently introduce COVID-19 to their clients. Senior Helpers has provided all offices and management with protocols to guide them if a client is suspected of contracting COVID. Again, this is to protect that client, staff but importantly, all clients of each Senior Helpers business.

We have PPE, we have additional training, and we are prepared for the longer term of providing COVID-19 safe services for all clients and participants, their families and our staff.