Staying Home Safe with COVID-19

Senior Helpers Australia | Staying Home with COVID

Why it's so important to stay home

Staying Home Safe with COVID-19 in the community is a challenge on many fronts. Hearing that some workers can bring it with them is a valid concern. Senior Helpers is very aware of this potential and has taken proactive steps with all their staff.

All of our support staff understand Standard Precautions, that is, basic infection control. It is usual practice to wash hands, use hand sanitiser and gloves where contamination is a potential.

However, with COVID-19, we are using the guidelines of the Department of Health and the World Health Organisation in relation to the use of additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in home care.

  • Staff are provided with their usual PPE for daily services.
  • They completed the Department of Health online education on COVID-19.
  • They have been asked to monitor their own health daily before they start work (taking their temperature and reporting ANY respiratory symptoms).
  • Going into 14 days of isolation if they have been in contact with another person who MAY have had contact with COVID or have travelled out of the state.
  • Undergoing COVID testing if they MAY have had contact with another person who is suspected of being COVID positive.
  • They will be educated in the correct use of additional PPE (masks and gowns) when it is indicated (when there is a possibility of you having contact with COVID or there is an increased potential community outbreak).

The health and safety of all our clients and staff is our primary concern. We are prepared for all clients and their families, staff and their families.