The best discounts available for older people- who said getting older isn’t rewarding!

It’s your 60th birthday and you didn’t think it could get much better- cake, presents, family and friends. But, there is one gift you may have forgotten about... a gift you are now entitled to for aging so gracefully after all these years... discounts! Yes, that’s right you are now at the ripe age where you are potentially eligible for senior discounts in Australia. These discounts could help save you thousands of dollars each year, so why not take full advantage!
To help you find out what discounts you could be eligible for, we have put together a list for you to explore.

Seniors Discount Card

Possibly the most common one, The Seniors Discount Card. A scheme offering discounts on transport and other services from participating businesses. Each state has its own rules and regulations about eligibility, however most criteria is 60+ and working less than 25 hours paid work. To find out more visit the website. r-australians/seniors-card


Local IGA stores offer 5-10% off for seniors. It is only available on certain days, so make sure to ask in advance the best day to shop!


When purchasing any burger or McMuffin, you are entitled to a free coffee/tea/soft drink- all you need to do is flash the Senior’s Card.


Save 10% off your total order with your Seniors Card.


Some larger hotel chains will offer savings to seniors. It may be a discount off the night, free breakfast, stay 2 get 1 free, half-price on your 4th night etc. It is always worth giving the hotel a call or visiting their website to see if they have more information available.


Contact your insurance provider and see if they can offer you a new rate. If not try Australian Seniors Insurance Agency who offer 30% off home insurance, 20% off car insurance and 10% on travel.

National Parks

You now get the opportunity to explore the best of Australia cheaper or even for free in some states. Visit your local states Parks and Wildlife website to find out what they offer.


Most events in Australia provide a cheaper price point for Concession Card holders. So go on, book the food festival you have been wanting to attend for years!


The movies can be an expensive outing, but now you can get a discount on tickets and some even offer Senior confectionary packages (choc-top anyone?).

Small Business

Next time you are out and about, ask a business if they offer discounts for seniors, you never know how much you could save if you don’t ask!