The season is changing!

The chilly season is upon us, but this is no reason to feel down, in fact, there are many reasons to embrace the colder months!

Sometimes we can let the colder, grey weather get to us and distract us from the positive parts of winter that should be celebrated and enjoyed. Winter is the perfect time for appreciating the smaller things that bring joy and comfort. So, what and how can you enjoy winter more if you’re more of a warm-season person? Keep reading to find out!

The feeling of being cosy

Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to be cold, there are many ways to keep warm and enjoy the cooler weather at the same time. Sometimes there is no better feeling than being curled up on the couch wearing your favourite fuzzy socks, being under a crochet blanket, or if you’re extra lucky, sitting in front of a fireplace. Keeping warm and cosy is as much about protecting your health as it is about comfort. Ensure your loved one’s home is at an appropriate, warm temperature and that they have adequate layers on to protect them from getting a chill.

Wonderful activities

There are just as many activities to enjoy throughout winter as there are in summer! Whether that’s enjoying card games with friends and family, watching a favourite movie, or enjoying a solitary indoor activity such as reading, knitting, or perhaps even learning a new skill or language. Winter activities don’t just have to be within the home, going for a walk and getting fresh air can be just as enjoyable in the cooler weather when you’re rugged up. This is a great way to stretch the limbs, take in the beautiful winter scenery and keep active. Looking for something a little more social outside of the home? Why not meet a friend for a coffee at a great café, visit the local library, or watch the latest release movie at the cinema with popcorn in hand? There is no shortage of ways to spend your time this winter, so make a list of all the things you want to do!

Seasonal, soul-warming foods

Just like we like to enjoy a good ice cream and a BBQ in summer, there are many foods and drinks that are made to be enjoyed in winter. Winter is the perfect time to enjoy and even make your own hearty stew, vegetable soup, sweet or savory pie, or just enjoy a simple and delicious hot chocolate. It’s food and drinks such as these that warm the soul and fill the house with an amazing aroma that lingers in the air and adds to the enjoyment. These wonderful, warm food and drinks are not only a tasty, satisfying treat, they too will warm you and your loved ones from the inside out and keep you satiated. Plus, who doesn’t like the idea of holding a delicious mug of hot chocolate in their hands on a cold day?!

If you have a loved one that you feel could use companion care, or needs help getting to places and living their life to the fullest, a Senior Helpers Support Worker can assist. From providing companionship to helping them get to social gatherings, a Support Worker can ensure they are happy and healthy during the cooler months. To find out more about our services see our page here- Senior Helpers – How We Help

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