When a family member is dying you want to ensure they receive the best possible care in their last moments. As part of this, you have to decide where they live out their final days, which can be an extremely tough decision to make. For some, going into an aged care facility is the only option whereas for others, given the choice, they would prefer to die in their own home environment. However, if you do decide to have your family member spend their last days at home, there can be a number of challenges for families to face.

One of the biggest challenges that families face in delivering palliative care at home, is not being prepared for the impact it can have on their lives. Caring for someone is a full time job and when you have a family of your own, a business to run and other commitments it can be an extra responsibility that consumes a bulk of your time.

It is also very physically and emotionally draining. Seeing a loved one in pain, suffering and not their usual self can take a toll on you. It can be hard to hide your emotions from others and you have no escape away from the situation. You can also struggle physically to perform the tasks, which can make you feel hopeless, as you want to make them feel comfortable and cared for.

In order to help you and your family during this difficult time it can be a great idea to seek end of life help to assist with caring for your loved one and also to ensure you have someone to speak with.

At Senior Helpers, we help to share the burden and work alongside palliative care teams and GP’s to provide the ultimate care and comfort with the highest level of compassion and dignity. We also will be there for you to lean on when you feel overwhelmed, need some emotional support or to provide an extra helping hand. Our support is available for a few hours, overnight or 24 hours a day.

The most important thing to us is that you get to enjoy the final moments you have left with your loved one. If you are interested in learning more about our end of life care and how we can assist you and your family during this time, visit our services page https://seniorhelpers.com.au/end-of-life-care/.