Why are Cupcakes so Popular?

If you have ever eaten a cupcake so good, you’ll know just how popular this treat-sized cake is. Still not convinced on why cupcakes are so popular?

Here are our favourite reasons to have cupcakes at the top of your list:

1. Perfect sized portion to indulge in treating yourself or someone else.

2. Frosting options–full buttercream or classic icing? Your choice of sprinkles or, for the more adventurous, decorating with your favourite chocolate or biscuit.

3. Pack a picnic–the cupcake’s small size means it is very portable, so much so that you can easily pack a cupcake (or two) in a container to enjoy with your favourite cuppa practically anywhere, anytime.

4. Cupcakes for a cause–whether it’s raising awareness for our furry friends during RSPCA Cupcake Day, or fundraising for your local community fundraiser, cupcakes are a great grab-and-go catering idea and always a winner at morning teas.

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